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Covid 19 Advice to Boat Owners
Before putting to sea after such a long period of inactivity we recommend that boat owners should: 1. Take extra care to access their craft safely and in accordance with government guidance on travel and social distancing 2. Carry out a check to ensure that their craft has remained seaworthy and mechanically sound. In particular, check for fuel contamination resulting from condensation in the tank(s), blocked filters and fuel lines etc. 3. Check that emergency equipment such as Lifejackets, flares, VHF radio, PLBs etc. are still in working order and remain in date 4. Give due regard to the prevailing and forecast weather conditions 5. Pay due consideration to the risk that their activities may result in their having to depend on emergency services particularly at a time when social distancing is impacting on lifeboat crews, Coast Rescue Teams etc. 6. Bear in mind that some marine leisure facilities in the area may still be closed and therefore unavailable. 7. Make sure you always have a means of calling for help (such as a VHF radio or mobile phone in a waterproof pouch) and keep it within reach. Clive Edwards, RNLI Water Safety Officer, Weymouth Lifeboat Area
WaterWatch Project
Supporting the RNLI ‘Respect the Water’ Campaign
Boating Basics - Free Download
Some years ago, partly in response to requests from a number of boat hire operators, the MNA Boat Club published its own "Boating Basics" DVD written jointly by our Commodore and Vice Commodore and targeted at newcomers to boating, in particular those hiring a boat on the inland waterways, either in the UK or in other European countries. Having now more than covered our costs for producing this DVD, through sales to a number of boat hire operators, we're now in a position to offer this guide as a free download for members of the Boat Club and for members of our WaterWatch scheme partners the Norfolk & Suffolk Boating Association - to down load a copy all you need to do is CLICK HERE
Commodore’s Report January 2021
Last autumn I was very pleased to report on the further development of our partnership with the Norfolk & Suffolk Boating Association (NSBA) , of which we are an Affiliated Club member, and since then that development has continued apace especially in terms of the operation of our WaterWatch Safety & Surveillance Scheme. Many of our Boat Club members actually live inland so eighteen months ago we decided to approach the RNLI with a view to establishing an “operational partnership” with them whereby our members would be encouraged to actively support the RNLI’s Respect the Water campaign to reduce the number of fatalities from drowning in UK waters and extend it to include the UK’s rivers, canals, lakes, The Fens and of course the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads through the joint operation of our WaterWatch initiative with the NSBA. The RNLI responded very positively to the MNA’s approach to such an extent that only this week they have offered to run one of their new on-line water safety courses specifically for MNA Boat Club WaterWatch crew members. As a result of our blossoming partnership with them the NSBA invited me as Commodore of the MNA Boat Club to sit on their Management Committee as “Adviser for water safety matters” a position to which I was duly elected at their AGM last week. Given the developing relationship we now have with the NSBA: our Boat Club officers and management committee members decided that we should offer a vacant position of Rear Commodore (Co-Opted pending election at a future AGM) to the NSBA’s President, Professor Richard Card which I’m delighted to report he has just accepted. Bearing in mind Richard’s position not only as President of the NSBA but previously as Chair of the RYA’s Eastern Region and a member of the MCA’s Eastern Region Safety Committee I’m confident that he will be a very valuable addition to our management team as well as furthering our relationship with the NSBA and their forty affiliated boat clubs in East Anglia. More generally our activities have inevitably all been restricted by Covid 19 to what we can achieve on-line and I hope to organise an on-line get together for our members via Zoom towards the end of next month when hopefully we may have a clearer idea of what we may or may not be able to do as regards the boating season In the meantime I wish everyone a belated Happy and Healthy New Year Stay Safe! Clive Edwards, MNABC Commodore