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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of THE MERCHANT NAVY ASSOCIATION BOAT CLUB held at THE ROYAL DORSET YACHT CLUB, 11 CUSTOM HOUSE QUAY, WEYMOUTH DT4 8B on Thursday 26 th July 2018 1. Meeting The meeting opened at 14.30 hours. The Commodore welcomed members to the eighth MNABC Annual General Meeting especially new member Ray McKillen 2. Present Members: C Edwards (Commodore & Chairman), D Hearn (Membership Secretary & Webmaster), Captain P Compton, S Donnelly and Ray McKillen 3. Apologies for Absence Apologies were received from: J Sail (Rear Commodore and MNA National Chairman ), Chris Woods (Vice Commodore) and Tim Brant (Secretary). 4. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting Approval of the Minutes were proposed by P.Compton and seconded by D.Hearn. 5. Matters arising from the last Annual General Meeting None were raised. 6. Commodore’s Report Commodore’s report – see below. The report was accepted. 7. Elections: According to the constitution the Club was due to hold elections for Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodores and other officers for a three year period. However, due to the poor attendance, Paul Compton proposed that the Committee and Officers be re-elected en-bloc for a ONE year period while the future of the Club is reviewed. NB In view of the revised future AGM arrangements, as below, these appointments will in effect be until the next AGM in October 2019. This proposal was seconded by D.Hearn and agreed unanimously. Ray McKillen expressed an interest in assisting with the role of webmaster and David Hearn offered to help him get started. Everyone present expressed their sadness about Rear Commodore Rodney Anderton (Rodders)having crossed the bar last autumn and the Commodore proposed that Captain Paul Compton be elected as a Rear Commodore in place of Rodders for the next year. This was seconded by D.Hearn and agreed unanimously 8. Date of the next MNABC AGM Paul Compton proposed that, in view of the poor attendance at the past few AGMs, future Boat Club AGM should be held in Birmingham immediately following the main MNA AGM. This proposal was seconded by C.Edwards and agreed unanimously 9. AGM Closure The AGM itself closed at 14.50 hours OPEN FORUM The future of the MNA Boat Club General concern was expressed that, apart from having a nice burgee, the Club is going no-where, and that a overall review of our aims and objectives is required, along with some proposals as regards whether it’s worth continuing with and if so how best it should be constituted in the future. It was mentioned that SeaVue is a very good idea but apart from the Commodore and Vice Commodore no-one has submitted an incident report for over a year! Paul Compton reminded us that whilst SeaVue is a good scheme so far as reporting and assisting with incidents is concerned all seafarers have an obligation under SOLAS to respond to incdents at sea irrespective of whether they are part of SeaVue or not; Clive commented that whilst that is true of course a good many of our members operate their boats on inland waterways where they are not subject to SOLAS obligations. Various ideas were floated and discussed briefly as regards the Club becoming a Forum, perhaps using social media, but there was opposition expressed about the lack of security with most if not all social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter so this idea didn’t engender much support.. On a more positive note Clive mentioned that recently the RNLI had re-focused on the sea safety and inland waterways safety aspects of its Respect the Water campaign run by the RNLI Community Safety division – essentially this is the RNLI’s “Casualty Prevention” arm where they are looking to develop co-operation and collaboration with organisations such as the NCI, MVS etc. and perhaps that might offer some potential for active participation by SeaVue members as “maritime safety advisers” This might perhaps have a potential to re-vitalise the Club in an advisory a maritime safety forum The Commodore will explore this idea with the national chairman with a view perhaps to an approach to the RNLI for a properly recognised collaboration and participation as a partner in their Community Safety “Respect the Water” initiative to reduce the (sadly still steadily increasing!) number of deaths by drowning each year. Open Forum Closure The Forum closed at 15.15 hours.
The Merchant Navy Association Boat Club Commodore’s Report July 2017 First of all, with great sadness, I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to our late Rear- Commodore Rodney Anderton who has crossed the bar since our last meeting. “Rodders”, as he was known to his friends, was a great supporter of the MNA and was hugely generous to the MNA Boat Club. We will be flying the pennant that he donated from the Royal Dorset Yacht Club at our AGM again this year. So this is to remind everyone that the 2018 MNA Boat Club AGM will be held at The Royal Dorset Yacht Club in Weymouth on Thursday 26 th July starting at 14.30 so, if you’ve not already done so, please get that date in you diary now and if, as I very much hope, you plan to attend, please let David Hearn our Membership Secretary know as early as possible to enable us to advise the RDYC of the numbers. .If you need overnight accommodation you’ll need to book very soon as mid-July is more or less high season and Weymouth gets pretty fully booked! The Gresham Hotel, on the seafront, is popular with MNA members, but may well be fully booked already. Alternatively, The Esplanade Hotel, also on the seafront, is owned by a friend and may be well worth a try. As far as the past year since we met in Weymouth last summer is concerned, on the plus side our “Boating Basics” DVD has proved popular and during the year we provided supplies to The RNLI Community Safety Team for use in association with their “Respect the Water” campaign. We can supply more of these DVDs to individuals, clubs or commercial operators at a price that covers our production costs plus a small contribution to the MNA Boat Club funds so, if any members know anyone or any organisations that might be interested, please let me, or our Vice-Commodore Chris Woods, know. Again, on the plus side, our Webmaster (and membership secretary!) Dave Hearn has done a great job keeping our website up to date with interesting news etc. and he’s also the webmaster for the MNA Weymouth, Portland & District Branch and has developed their website at into a really informative website, including lots of photos of the Weymouth, Portland & District Branch visit and participation in the D-day commemoration events in Normandy last summer. If you’re able to make our Boat Club AGM in July make sure to take a look at the very impressive and evocative memorial to our fellow seafarers lost in the wars of the last century that our local MNA Branch were instrumental in having built and situated on Weymouth Esplanade. On the downside, as far as our SeaVue Maritime Safety Scheme is concerned, 2017 has been another disappointing year because, although we’ve now established close links with the RNLI Community Safety Scheme at a fairly local level, with some of our members using their boats to undertake “safety patrols” along the inshore waters of Weymouth Bay and Lyme Bay, we have still received less than a handful of incident reports from our 250 plus members. So, although the SeaVue Scheme itself is still thriving, we really do need a lot more feedback from members about their boating experiences that we can add to the website please! I’m also convinced that most of our Boat Club members, including those who seldom if ever go afloat themselves, must come across situations by the sea, on the coast or around inland waters during their day to day activities which are potentially hazardous, or even potentially life- threatening, or perhaps just interesting or even amusing and which if posted on our Facebook pages might be of interest to other members of the MNABC, and/or which might even justify a contribution to the Nautical Institute’s CHIRP programme, One initiative that is proving worthwhile has been the production, with the support of the RNLI, of a new four-page leaflet promoting the MNA, the Boat Club, our SeaVue Scheme and the RNLI’s Respect the Water campaign. This is being distributed for us by several organisations including local harbourmasters and the National Sailing Academy For the future, my personal ambition continues to be for the Club is to develop a still more pro-active role for the SeaVue Scheme and to continue to further develop our working relationships with the RNLI, MCA and other organisations with an interest in maritime safety such as the NCI, the MVS, the NSBA the SSG and Trinity House as well as with the Nautical Institute’s CHIRP and MARS maritime safety alerting schemes. Of course everything we achieve is the result of teamwork on the part of your committee, and I must pay tribute to the work put in by all of them including of course our National Chairman John Sail, our representatives on the MNA national council, Tim Brant (our secretary), our Vice- Commodore Chris Woods and membership secretary/webmaster David Hearn . Clive Edwards
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