By “benefits” we mean offers that provide discounts either for individual MNA and/or MNABC members or benefits in terms of a small commission to the MNA Boat Club. In some cases we have negotiated deals that will provide special offers to members of the MNA/MNABC by means of a discount off the normal public price for goods or services, and one or two other deals whereby, although the organisation is reluctant to sell their products or service at less than the advertised price, they are nevertheless prepared to pay the Club a small commission on sales; in a few cases the businesses concerned are prepared to give our members a discount on certain items AND pay the Club a small commission too! Where a deal has been negotiated this is noted against the company concerned.
The Leisure Section is aimed at providing members with links to and, where possible, discounts for services which members may be interested in but which are not strictly part of the Boat Club itself.
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Supporting the RNLI ‘Respect the Water’ Campaign
This publication has been produced by two experienced members of the Merchant Navy Association Boat Club with the aim of providing basic information for anyone venturing onto the water for the first time. The idea is to help make the experience more enjoyable and safer, both for you the reader and for other users of the waterways. As we anticipate that most of those likely to benefit will be planning to hire a boat on inland waterways, rather than taking to the sea, we have concentrated on how to handle a boat on rivers, canals, lakes, the Broads etc. but many of the practices we describe would apply equally when taking to the sea. When we first published this guide we were delighted to have been contacted by several boat-hire companies both in the UK and in France with a request to purchase a quantity of these guides on CD to give to their clients, especially those clients with no previous boat-handling experience, when they book a hire cruiser. We are happy to continue to supply this guide on CD at cost plus a small donation to our Boat Club funds - for further information please contact: