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Affiliated Clubs: We are proud to welcome The Merchant Navy Association Boat Club as an affiliated member.  It is a group of some 200 plus like-minded MNA members who are interested in sailing and boating, contributig to maritime safety, sharing information through multi-media linkages and meeting at least once a year at the MNA AGM.  The MNA Boat Club membership is scattered throughout the UK, and includes several overseas members as well.  The Club operates through its regularly up-dated  website. However the Club's main activity is its "SeaVue" scheme, as described below: The aim of the SeaVue Scheme is to act as the 'eyes and ears' of the emergency services and report incidents to them in a speedy and effective manner.  SeaVue Watchkeepers Afloat members are all experienced seafarers who operate boats in UK coastal waters, on rivers, canals, lakes and even in foreign waters.  The primary function of a SeaVue Watchkeeper Afloat is to SPOT any vessel or person in difficulty, PLOT their position and immediately REPORT the essential facts to HM Coastguard or the appropriate inland waterways authority.
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