Tony Collins “Paws 4 Thought”
Graeme Rooney’s “Charina”
John Johnson-Allen’s “Coot” (moored by the bank) at Horsey on the Norfolk Broads
Steve Sturt’s “La Mouette”
Steve Wood’s “Little Auk”
Steven Woodhouse’s “La Chacra”
Phil Reilly’s “Matthew Flinders”
John Rose’s “Therospoat”
Arthur Woodhouse’s “Wanderer”
Russ McLean’s “Stongbow”
Peter Thompson’s “Blue Belle”
John Merrick’s “The Channel Pirate”
Jan Ziolo’s “Josh”
Tony Hayes “Salty Dog” on the New York Erie Canal
Raymond Grave’s “Yonty”
Walter Thomas’s “Barbara Anne”
Alon Palmers “Willow The Wisp”
Ian Lewis’s Yorkshire Coble “Awel”
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David Ball’s “Kathleen”
Kenneth Ogg’s “Jaydor”
John Corse’s “Phantastron”
Michael Leahy’s “Pilgrim”
Alistair Wylie’s “Norfolk Jewel 2”
Ian Smith’s “Belle Etoile”
Seamus Donelly’s “Diana”
Richard Winterburn’s “Little Kingfisher”
Ian Lewis’s “Stella Maris”
Roy Hyde-Linaker’s “CI MOR” Roy Hyde-Linaker’s “Gara Gannet”
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Supporting the RNLI ‘Respect the Water’ Campaign
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Stephen Hill’s “Clearwing” Richard Card’s “Ness Nomad” Jonathan Wright’s “Lady J” Derek Friends “Menetheus” John Lloyd’s “Eileen Kate” Clive Edward’s “Iliade” Clive Edward’s “Lady Helen”